It took forever to get here

I can tell who is calling me. Photos on my iPhone give it away.

When the phone rang this afternoon, I answered with a smile.

These days such a call is not filled with a pressing child issue, or anything of huge concern. It’s just a call. Just staying connected. Just that.

But it took us forever to get here.

It took us not wanting to stay in the past. It took us time to step up to willing. It took sequences of attempted selflessness repeated over and again…and then only to experience just a grain of true selflessness. And it took self-forgiveness. The hardest of all.

So now we laugh. We, neither one, have forgotten offenses. We just choose to lay them down. Bend and bow. And so very real now. No pretense, no deception, no posturing.

I am free. I carried my part and then laid it down.

And so did he.

2 thoughts on “It took forever to get here”

  1. This is beautiful, Susan. When one is living through the hard part of the journey, it’s hard to imagine ever reaching the destination you describe. Yet we serve an amazing God who can take us places we never even imagined.

    Again I say — Beautiful!

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