Giving up ground

The challenge of love is not the things I give.  It’s the things I give up.

What ground have I given for love?

Both of my children have me as their mom, but they weren’t raised exactly the same.  Because they are unique, and separate in their needs, I learned quickly to parent them each according to their personality.  Life just isn’t easy and smooth as we raise our children, and my experience confirms that.  Someone told me, as I left the hospital after my son was born, that children teach us how to care for them.  They have been wonderful teachers, and I think it’s amazing that they live with the mistakes I made, and have been extraordinarily patient with my imperfect ways.  Mothers and children give ground for each other.

I think a lot these days of my mom.  She gave and gave as I grew up, and she still does.  As we now struggle to support her walk through cancer, she helps us know what she needs.  Love here is to sacrifice what I wish for what is real.

Do I demonstrate love? When have I?

  • kept my lips shut when my mind was racing
  • given unselfish time
  • Waited  And then waited some more
  • Told you the truth
  • Said “I’m sorry”, when what I wanted to say is ” But”
  • Not had enough, but have offered what I have
  • Had all the answers, but didn’t share them with anyone.

Worth more thought.

1 thought on “Giving up ground”

  1. As a parent, as a person and as a Christian… this post speaks to me on every level. Thanks for these reminders. Many Blessings, Vince

    (We have five great teachers at home… they are strict!)

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