Not alone in the fire

All Your Ways are not my ways.

I have a very short list of things I know for sure.  That is one of them.

God will never let me go. He knows me…by name.  He hears my prayers.  I am not alone to fend for myself.  He never leaves me in the flames. He saves me.

What we know for sure is what helps us when the fire licks at our heels, when we feel overwhelmed,.undone, afraid. I regularly exercise my faith muscles, because I have opportunities daily to believe that God is for me.

It’s always a choice, isn’t it. We can drown in the loneliness, in the fear, in uncertainty or human failure and disappointment.  We can. 

Or we can ask ourselves what we know for sure, and sift those experiences through the screen of that truth.

I am choosing to believe what I know.  God is strong, powerful and good.  He saved me from the fire and hears me when I call.

His ways just aren’t my ways. Glad.

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