What I know of her

I am solidly in mid-life.  Maybe just slightly past…

I am very sure of who I am.  Isn’t that amazing?  I think that’s amazing.

I may not be entirely sure of who you are, but I know this woman.  Today, anyway.

I realized recently that I no longer flit around, morphing into what you want me to be.  No more melting, no more being a woman I’m not.  Could never be. Don’t want to be.

All these years of searching?  Finally got it….got her.

Who am I, that God would even care to know my name.  What is man? And although I still ponder those questions sometimes, it ends the same way.  When my name is on His heart, I know exactly who I am.

Loved.      Enough.   Incredibly made.    Forgiven.

And although I’m here today and gone tomorrow, my definition is settled.

I am Yours.

1 thought on “What I know of her”

  1. What a beautiful thing it is to finally know who you truly are! Welcome to Mid-life wonderful Woman of God! I like who you are but you have gotten to the core of what really matters and that is “Whose you are”; God likes who you are! This is definitely a “Take 2!” moment for your life!!

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