I’m not at church this morning.  I’m at Starbucks.  In my favorite corner, listening to  music.  I’m in yoga pants and a t-shirt. Just thought I’d admit that right off. Try not to judge.  What I needed this morning was this exact thing. Turns out God is at Starbucks.

In the last few days I’ve been thinking about the uniqueness of us despite the common membership in the human race.

Clear concept of who I am is something I’m always working on.  I absolutely yearn for proper perspective.  Not inauthentic humility, nor boastful  arrogance.  Just a thankful heart for all I am.

I ran into someone a few days ago that frankly brought out my sarcastic side. That’s something I am working on eradicating, so not all that thrilled to see that root of a stronghold.  Love witty ‘banter” but not so fond of degrading someone else with my sarcastic verbal skills.  It’s a broken part of me.

It just irritated me.  This person said, repeatedly, repeatedly, how elite he was.  Maybe he is, but it’s unappealing to say so.  I suspect, however, that he is as common, incredible, and created as all the rest of us.  Being created in God’s image is pretty astounding, but it begs for a grateful, humble, receiving posture.

His self-concept, announced repeatedly, met with my ‘witty’ sarcasm. It could have been different, on my part.

What if people like that intersect with kindness. A conversation isn’t always possible, but surely avoiding posturing is.  I didn’t have to be better than him.  I just wanted to.

Hold the biting sarcasm…even if it is funny.

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