The gift of crisis

Over the years, I have perfected every single response there is to crisis.

Panic… fear…hasty resolutions…screamed prayer, often shouted in doubt.

Best laid plans.  3.5 lbs of brain  doing its best. My best thinking got me here.

Intervening……desire to see things differently…changed attitude

Perspective…not mine…miracle.

Doubt turns into shaky cries.

Tears into faith. Faith to peace.

Crisis always returns, almost always newly disguised,  and the agony of that search for God’s perspective is there to repeat, if I want to.  I do not want to.

We see through a glass darkly, but it won’t always be that way.  I know that these gifts of crisis will at last become gifts of clarity.  Seeing clearly here isn’t my task.  Trusting through pain is.

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