Carnival Hair

My sisters are incredible.  The finest women I know. Not the first time I’ve mentioned that.  Won’t be the last.

This is a semi-sisters weekend.  One of us is overseas on vacation in Israel, but the remaining three are together.

It’s always pretty funny when we spend time together.  A lot of laughing.

Last evening was carnival night at my nephew’s elementary school. Dunk tank, Booger Wars (not kidding), pizza in the cafeteria, and kids and parents everywhere.  I loved it.  We had such a great time, and I adore being an Aunt. I’m sure I’m the favorite one!  Sorry, girls.  Get in line :-)

My nephew was still excited and cranked up this morning.  His mom, my little sister, not so much.

Had to giggle when  the seven-year old got a little sassy.  My sister crossed her arms, put on her ‘serious’ mommy face  (I had that face, too, back a number of years ago!), and said:  “I will flatten that mohawk, Mister.  Don’t think I won’t”.

Crack me up:-)

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