Gently Held

I have a new friend.  She is amazing.  Depth and wisdom from pain, loss and gritty faith.  A million miles of desert on her way to freedom. She has a way about her that just invites confiding.  I find myself doing just that, which is surprising.

All that longing to be able  to lay aside my walls of protection snuck up on me in answered prayer.

God is so like that.  Quiet, whispered nudges are my favorite answers.

Believe me, I’ve had my share of shouts over the years.  Refusing to listen, stubbornly going my own way, viewing everything from my position of Want.  But when prayer becomes response, the wise of women would recognize it.

So I was talking with my new friend, when I suddenly shared something quite protected, not something I normally say. But very revealing of what I think and feel. She held it so gently.

Saying something out loud takes away its power.

Given air, it’s out of hiding.  Can”t protect me any longer.  Can’t pretend it’s not there.

And God heals.

Wise woman indeed.

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