Getting to New

Often I will pray about something.  Rather, I pray all the time about all sorts of things.

I speak when I pray,  but these days am really more about listening.

The thing I think is the hardest is how true it is that every single prayer uttered is responded to…not by me, but by God.

It’s curious to me when people say “God answered my prayer.”  From my perspective, prayers are always answered.

Things do not always go as I want them to, though. Usually they don’t, as a matter of experience, but the experience of whatever it is that concerns me goes as it should.

Lately I’m realizing that my prayer communication with God is far more about me confessing and crying out about that which is on my heart and then consciously yielding to God’s better way.  It’s not about me winning the game, getting that job, keeping that person in my life, or realizing success.  It’s about admitting that I control almost nothing, and desperately wanting the Higher Way.

Occasionally, I think God’s way is inconvenient.  Sometimes it goes against every single plan I have for myself and those I love.

God’s way in my life has meant that I walk through pain sometimes.  That I let go of what I thought I wanted.  That my life seems to be turning out entirely different from what I thought it would be.

I said that to God recently. And am listening for His view.

Clearing the stage.  He is clearing the stage.

Be gone, clutter.  Swept floors. Clean air. Windows open.


He makes all things New.

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