Roots Grow Deeper when It’s Dry

Prosperity will have its seasons

And even when it’s here, it’s going by…

And when its gone, we pretend we know the reasons.

All the roots grow deeper when it’s dry.”

I wonder how many times I’ve heard David Wilcox sing that song.  A whole lot. Something about that just gets me.  So I listen again.

I can’t assign the truth of the lyrics  to a specific time, although I increasingly get the message.

What I can tie it to is my increasing desire to live in today.  This moment.  This hurt.  This joy.

Hurt is fleeting.  I’ve felt it often enough to know.  It passes, and occasionally transforms into impossible joy. Joy birthed from hurt is  deep joy.

That hurting season is always on its way to gone, so let it be  a teacher while it’s here.  Let my roots dig deeper for water.  Let me become steadier and sure, when the ground seems parched and thirsty.

I want to reach for You.

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