Dream Dad

My sister had a dream, where my dad was in her kitchen.  healthy, strong, snowy white hair.  Happy.

She ran to him and hugged him tight.  He smelled the same  – awesome-and  was dressed as he always was-crisp, pressed, dapper.  He hugged her back with  love, and greeted her by name.

It was then that she asked him her question:  “Dad, what should we do?  Oh dad, what should we do to help mom?”

No answer came, and she woke up.

I wish, with every cell in me, that I could see him in a dream.  I’d love to smell that tweedy sport coat, and kiss his cheek. I’d love to hear him say, just one more time  “I love you, Susie.” And I wish he could tell us what to do.

But Dream Dad was silent.  He just loved and hugged.

Maybe that’s it.  Love and Hug.  Maybe that’s the answer.

2 thoughts on “Dream Dad”

  1. Thank you for sharing that beautiful story. As often happens when I read your posts, I had tears in my eyes when I finished!

    I think you are right about the “answer”.

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