My dog ate my…


Seriously, what kind of a dog eats electronics?  A hungry dog? A naughty dog? No, and no.

A bored dog?  Probably.  He sure looked sorry when I found the shreds of his misbehaving joy.

I told him it wasn’t worth it, mister.  It hurt going in, likely will hurt coming out, and now you’ve got me mad at you, too.

He just gazed at me adoringly, burped, and laid down.

Again without headphones.  This has happened before.  Different dog.

THAT dog not only ate headphones, but an entire Adidas t-shirt.  Oh, and money from my wallet.

The thing is, it’s still worth it.  They still make me laugh…every single day.  They need me, and they are THRILLED when I come home. Even if it’s just a trip down to the garage, and then back up, they act like I’m their long lost relative, returned from the war.

Dogs can smile, I’m sure of it. Hobbsie’s little snaggle toothed grin and Maggie’s girly charm just have me by the heart.

Dogs=eating inappropriate items, work, money, responsibility

Dogs = joy

2 thoughts on “My dog ate my…”

  1. I giggled at this one. I’ve often said I should leave and return more often because of the reception I get, except she’s always with me…like the American Express Card…I don’t leave home without her otherwise everyone pays since she howls the entire time. I love her though! And btw..mine eats paper towels.

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