To the right, to the left

Solomon said “Better is one handful, with tranquility”

Andy Stanley says, we live in the land of –er.  We want to be rich-er, thin-er, cool-er, happy-er, pretty-er…..on and on to endless. Never-ending.

As the years have passed, I say I want less, but I think that’s a lie I tell myself. The truth is that the insatiable desire for more sometimes has me by the throat.   And if I go there, it will choke me to death..

When my children were little, we talked about comparison.  I tried to teach them that comparing will always leave us miserable.  If you compare yourself to someone who seems to have more or better than you, you will feel cheated and envious.  If you compare yourself to those who appear to have less, you are left with arrogant pride.  Neither are very appealing, are they.

Being a big fan of applying the lesson,  we made a game out of gratitude. At Christmastime, we would go look at lights on often enormous homes. When we  would pull into our own modest driveway, I would sometimes say “Oh look at that house!  Who gets to live in THAT pretty house???”  They would say “We do!!”.

Silly, maybe, but the intent from my heart was to massage little hearts with Truth.

I need that heart massage, too.  An infusion of truth and a perspective of gratefulness.

Looking to the right and to the left won’t do.

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