Yes, Really.

I am currently praying about a number of things that I won’t share.

A familiar prayer to most is where we ask for serenity to accept what we have no power to change. Seems to me that request covers a whole lot. I have uttered that prayer a gazillion times lately.

This was such an odd week. Some awesome moments, but some stressed out ones, too.

When I disconnected the garage door, finding myself `trapped` inside, that might have been my first clue. Me plus car inside garage led to a small freak out. Add a missed , important appointment, and 5 days with a migraine.

Then yesterday arrived.

In 100′ heat, my air conditioning went out. Seriously. Oh, and at a company lunch yesterday, a crown fell out.  Really.

My good humor was on the run, and the temptation to cry was too much.

I cried…and cried. I might have stomped my feet, too.

Thankfully, in recent years I have learned a lot about accepting what I can’t change. I have extremely limited power. Extremely. Circumstances are what they are. Emotional feelings are what they are.

In circumstances that threaten my equilibrium, I might cry. I might . And I do. Crying works:-)

But I also know to ask God what He’s up to. And I know to call a friend. And I know to remind myself that this too shall pass.  That there are opportunities in every crisis.

Steve, the air conditioning guy, is here fixing the AC. The crown is back where it belongs. The appointment is rescheduled and I am headache free.

I love my messy life:-) And I love the God who reigns over my circumstances.

1 thought on “Yes, Really.”

  1. I can relate so much. I’ve been feeling like the camel, and wondering when the next straw is going to be placed on my back — but then I remind myself that God has gathered me in His arms and is carrying me in His bosom (Isaiah 40:11). No straw will break my back. I am safe with Him.

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