God isn’t

…far away, not listening, nor uncertain. I, on the other hand, tend toward all of those things.

Through my current state of “open-window”, I am realizing some new things.

I lean toward fretting… I often  believe that I can  solve my own problems single-handedly, come to the right conclusions, and make perfect decisions. In truth, all I can really do is fret, which is a pathway I do not want to be on.  It leads nowhere.

My alternative:  Focusing on peaceful.  Letting things play out.  Asking God for insight.  Wisdom.  Breathing. Breathing in and out in so under-valued.

There have been so many times when perceived chaos looms larger than life.  What’s that quote?  “I’ve lived through a thousand tragedies that have never happened”. Wasted energy, wasted time, squandered focus.

We can, in a limited way, choose what we focus on.  We may not be able to stop random thoughts, but we can decide to look elsewhere.

I really love this passage from Colossians: “Set your mind on the things above, not on the things that are on earth. …”.  It’s a great reminder to listen for what I can’t hear right this second, to know that I do not see everything yet.

And to trust God, who sees and speaks.

My confusion? Not confusion to God.

My uncertainty? God invites me to follow Him.

My feelings?  Safe in His hands.

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