As easy as walking

You know that song:  “Put one foot in front of the other…”?

That song is wise, and I believe that line.  I really think focusing on one step at a time is my way of making progress.  Before I know it, I’m where I was going all along.

The thing is, my walk hurts.  Actually , physically hurts. For years now, my left foot, affected by my stroke in 2001, has decided not to let my toes straighten out.  That means I walk on the joints.  Ouch, right?  Yep.  Ouch. Understatement:-)

Today I am getting Botox injections to my left foot, calf and individual toes.  If it works, my walk can potentially be significantly improved.  Big time.

If you think the greater inconvenience is my arm, you would be wrong.  I got on top of that a long time ago, and am fully functional with doing things with my stronger hand.  The walking thing, though, is big.  It affects everything I do and how others perceive me.

The possibility of getting better balance and walking more normally has taken over a bit, I admit.  I’m a little intoxicated on the hope of it working. Might be wise for me to back off on that a little.

I’ll keep you posted.

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