When I’m tempted to defy, I’m often reminded that everything falls.  If I drop it…anything…it will go to the ground.

No matter what I say or do , gravity wins.

Even if I want something  desperately, and lay the best plans, certain “laws” stay constant.

I find comfort in that, except when it isn’t comforting.

When my feet are stomping and my tears rage, I want to be stronger than I am.  I want to have recognized and absolute influence…to stop you from doing something, or to make you fall in line.

How frustrating that we are limited in that  influence.  We aren’t big enough. We  aren’t beyond influence.

That’s the thing, right?  We can influence, but we can’t control.

I can choose, but I can’t get you to choose.

I can drop something, but I can’t keep it from falling.

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