And so…

Beyond all I could ever ask or think. Beyond expectations. Undeserved.

Why does wisdom come through loss? It seems to me that loss propels us into  reducing our list.

When the very ground beneath me shakes, where then can I stand? Is anything real and unshakeable?

I am a daughter.  Always will be, even when my mom and dad are gone.  I am a sister.  Always will be.  I am a mother. Forever devoted.  I am a Child. Always, and eternal.

When the ground trembles beneath my feet, gratefulness is unearthed. Depend only on the True Ground.

My heart is thankful for un-shaking truth. The great I Am.

Where there’s a will… there is pantyhose.

This is how today started…me versus tights.

Lots of days start that way for me, when summery fall drifts to winter on its way.

There’s a dress, tights, and somewhere to be.

The battle begins…

I have a preference for the ones that are tight around the top (aka control top:-)).  That makes me look better (darn!), but the process harder.

Because I’ve done this before, all it takes from me is desire.  I   will      wear     tights   today.

Desire goes a long way to overcome the obvious obstacles of putting on leg wear one-handed. My right hand knows the way, and my legs comply.

Do I even need to point out the obvious?

Hard doesn’t mean impossible.

I’m just like everyone else putting tights on.  I just do it differently.  BTW, my tights protocol isn’t worthy of admiration.  How will I wear them if I don’t put them on??

At the end of the day, I show up just like you do.  But, I just have already done my best BEFORE I got to work:-)

God is in the putting on of tights…and in all we do.