Where there’s a will… there is pantyhose.

This is how today started…me versus tights.

Lots of days start that way for me, when summery fall drifts to winter on its way.

There’s a dress, tights, and somewhere to be.

The battle begins…

I have a preference for the ones that are tight around the top (aka control top:-)).  That makes me look better (darn!), but the process harder.

Because I’ve done this before, all it takes from me is desire.  I   will      wear     tights   today.

Desire goes a long way to overcome the obvious obstacles of putting on leg wear one-handed. My right hand knows the way, and my legs comply.

Do I even need to point out the obvious?

Hard doesn’t mean impossible.

I’m just like everyone else putting tights on.  I just do it differently.  BTW, my tights protocol isn’t worthy of admiration.  How will I wear them if I don’t put them on??

At the end of the day, I show up just like you do.  But, I just have already done my best BEFORE I got to work:-)

God is in the putting on of tights…and in all we do.

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