Til I Rest

Are you ever restless? That nagging undercurrent of….something… you can’t quite name?

I am. Just me…restless and so not still. The scurry, the pace, the running…often in circles, frankly.  Chasing what I think I want or must surely need.  Sometimes chasing what someone else wants.

Slave.  I am a slave in that frantic crazy.

So Susan…Be still.

But it doesn’t end there. It doesn’t end with being still.

It actually says Be still and know that I AM God.

Still never comes to me unless I rest.  Rest as an antidote for restlessness.  Stillness to understand that I’m not but God IS.

Still is partly about stopping. But stopping isn’t stillness. Resting in the sureness of God is stillness. Taking the time to stop moving, to listen, to be spoken to.  An open heart to just lean back, to drink and to swallow. Close my eyes and feel. Letting the Light illuminate.

Let me be…still.

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