The ones

He loved every one of them, even though most were not his. They were mostly ours, yet when he came to visit, their little bodies would nearly quiver with joy to see him.

They knew what he would do…petting, cuddling and gentle voice…not to mention the treats in his hand.

Molly, Sadie, Barclay, Buttons, Bo, Emmie-kitty, Lilly-putt, Jazzy, Maggie.

In different homes with different daughters in all sorts of cities all over the world. Precious animals…part of our family.

Their commonality? Love to give and love received while here. Now, gone, but life still?

I am comforted by the thought that they are part of heaven, gathered around my dad, with each other. It makes me laugh to think of the look on Jazzy’s face when Maggie joined them yesterday afternoon. Seriously, you again?? The cat/dog battle:-) Smile.

Maybe I’m wrong, but I hope not. The love of an animal here must be part of eternity. I love the thought of my dad being loved by those ones, and the joy the ones that join him must feel when they see their friend again.

And the treats in his hand…

3 thoughts on “The ones”

  1. I am crying…thank you! We miss our Sadie sooo very much and I LOVE knowin she is with Dad. (hope they have tennis balls in Heaven!)

  2. I am in tears for sadness and joy. I know Dad is with my sweet Barclay and his “cousins”. Dad is giving them treats and they are all loving him!

  3. I believe God put these darling pets here for us to love and be loved unconditionally. I can see Dads smile as he greets them all with treats!

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