I’m doing a self inventory, of sorts.  It’s an effort not to lie to myself.  There is a series of very to-the-heart questions that is helping me get there.  Hard, and sometimes painful, but I’m doing it anyway.

Every year, I choose a focus word to represent what I am about that year.  This year’s is Clarity, but of equal importance is Transparency.   Transparency could be every year’s word.

I have YEARS of experience lying to myself.    You don’t need anyone.  Being good enough will get you there.  Having more will make you happier. You are not afraid.  You can’t be hurt.

Thankfully, God isn’t in the business of lying.  And He’s not about me telling myself lies either.  As a matter of fact, God is laser-focused on telling the Truth.

This exhaustive self-inventory is pulling back the curtain on what I have been so intent on clinging  to.  My pattern has always been to self-protect, but it would appear that self-protection is a lie.

God whispers love so loudly that I can’t ignore it.  It’s Love that is filled with grace.  The definition of grace…God’s love.

His love whisper shoots the lies dead.  Lie-Slayer.

There is no such thing as good enough…nor will it “get me there”.  He will…I can’t.  I’m counting on that.

More is not better.  More isn’t enough.  It will never be enough.  God is enough.  Only God.

Of course you can be hurt.  Hurt is evidence of life.  Pain ends.  Hang on.

Transparency is the heart willing kto tell the truth.

1 thought on “Inventory”

  1. I’ve always said that I’m the quickest to believe my own BS. God has graciously put men into my life that graciously call me on it. :-)

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