When I speak …

Muse.  Musings.  Music.

My muse is nearly always music.

Earphones are never ever far from me.  Not ever.  And certainly not when I write.

So tonight Kari Jobe again(for the umpteenth time) provided inspiration.  In rotation I listened to You Are All I Need, Healer and Find You on My Knees. Her voice…her authenticity…her depth.

But it was this one that spoke exactly what I need to say:  When I Speak Your Name.

Loving the name of Jesus isn’t popular.  I get that.  I get that it might make me look…foolish.  Silly.  Ignorant.  And still I say it.  Still I love it.  Still I adore Him.

The most amazing things happen when I say the name of Jesus.

Mountains in my life do move.

It’s the only name that brings healing and strength.

Darkness really doesn’t have hold of me.

Hope lives.  All things are possible.

Jesus is the most beautiful name I know.

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