Just beneath…

Inspired by Spring’s arrival, I’m making some changes.

Daffodils are up, trees are in early bloom, the yard needs is waking up, and the warm sun on my skin feels delicious.

Spring just sings possibility. New, fresh, impossible possibility. Spring is just so very fearless.

Physical seasons often match our walk, don’t they.  The conclusion of winter may find us desperate for new life, new growth.  Rain, sun, seedlings with promise.

Time taking time is waning, and I’m willing . Insurmountable mountains certainly are not.

Longings defined last Fall took root in the cold of winter, and I now feel those just beneath the dirt…just beneath the surface….ready to break through.

Even when I feel that progress is dormant, God waters and nourishes, knowing that Spring is moments away.

And here I am, at the end of myself at winter’s end.

Come Spring!  Do your work of renewal.  Let the seedling breath through.

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