One of my sisters has always been somewhat of our family’s historian.  She is great at recall.

I am not.

I like that she can find us in years ago. The family stories are so funny.  The sister stories particularly.

One we always giggle over is when mom let us all walk to the neighborhood little store ( looong before 7-11 or Quicktrip!) to buy a “treat”, as we called it then.  Popsicle, penny candy…The only caveat was that the oldest sister had to hold the youngest sister’s hand the whole way there and back.

Baby sister wanted a chocolate bar.  Before we knew it, that chocolate bar was a smear on her face, clothes, and of course all over her hands.  The dilemma.  How to hold her hand with chocolate everywhere.

We have a picture of that day.  Mom must have snapped it when we got home.  Eldest was following the rules, albeit creatively!  Baby sister was holding onto one end of a stick, while her big sister held the other end.

These sisters of mine…

Will not let me fall.

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