Keeping a promise

William Bernard Groth.  My dad. Born July 29. 1929.  Died Nov 3, 2011

Midwestern, family values.  His word meant everything. And my word means everything.  Honorable living.  I received that disposition from my dad.

I can still see him clearly as he lay dying.  Now weak, and incredibly frail, but honoring his promises to my mom.  None other.  One.  Devotion.

Each of us, as we said goodbye, promised him.  His devotion to my mom would not crumble.  The promise I made, and my sisters made, and even her grandson made.  We will care for mom.  We will seek her good. We will be a family, as he taught us.

I will not deter from that promise.

No veering off course.  No resentment.

No doing it alone.

Anne, Shirley, Janet, and me.

Connected to dad forever.  Connected to mom forever.  Linked to each other forever.

four girls

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