Outstretched hands

One of the things I am looking forward to is the day when I can lift both hands and arms to the sky in worship.  That will likely strike some as preposterous…crazy…silly.  But it’s the longing that I live with.  I feel the impulse in my left arm when my heart is quickened.  That impulse is strong and real.

This realization is most likely not going to happen here. I’m ok with that because I so deeply believe in eternity. And I believe God paved the way through His Son Jesus. My hope  is that.  Completely.

Three years ago I started this blog.  When I started making my writing public, it was with a devotion to authenticity.  Transparency.  Not knowing who it may reach or even offend, all i knew was that I had to, absolutely had to, write.  I had to risk being utterly myself, come what may.

So, I’m about the empty tomb.  I believe in life after death..

And I believe that I will be restored.  My body’s limitations will be set free.  No more struggle.  No more proving I can do…whatever.

No more left hand in peaceful quiet.

Up, arm!  Open, hand! Lifted up at desire.

Being able to do that will be worship with abandon.

I won’t even need to make a sound.

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