Facing Goliath

Sometimes what I really.  really need is just to know that God can be small enough to hear me.

My loud cry, sometimes railing at the not understandable, far more often it’s a quiet sniff, a single tear, a muffled “help me”.  Just to know from You that everything will be alright.

“Tonight my heart is heavy, and I cannot keep from whispering this prayer:  Are You there?

Do You even know how many hairs are on my head?”

Nichole Nordeman.  Often, often, often my muse for writing. Her song “Small Enough” has been a catalyst many times, starting when I was private journaling, then onto public blogging.  I wonder why?

Probably because I do feel small sometimes.  Challenges seem huge, my solutions inadequate. That feeling of not being able to find the answer.  Overwhelmed, under water, muddled.  confused.  The human condition that can lead us to the end of ourselves, if we will go there.

It seems to me to be the greatest of conditions.  The end of me. The limitlessness of God.

When I have nothing left.  Nothing to offer. Nothing in the pantry.  Nothing in the bank.  No solutions or wisdom in the coffer.

God starts there.  Meets me in the fog. Has everything.  Offers all.