A gaggle of girls

I’ll start with a confession.

For the longest time, women just…annoyed me.  Especially if they were in groups.

That doesn’t sound very nice and I know that, but these bloggy days I’m all about honesty.  Maybe someone else can relate, so I write.

No women’s group interested me.  Even things like wedding showers kind of got to me somehow.  Women’s Bible studies?  No, thank you.   Book club?  Nope.

I was rather befuddled by my attitude. I grew up in a family of sisters, for goodness sake! I love being with them, and our “group” is delightful.

I was at a women’s retreat this weekend with a number of women from my church and at only one point did I need to withdraw for a bit to re-charge and get a little alone time…I’ve come a long way!

Years ago, I sensed a change happening in me.  I think God finally had quite enough of my poor attitude, frankly:-)

Called into ministry, the task ahead of me was to be the Lead for a single mom’s class at my church.  Seriously.  Wow.  And funny:-)

Simple obedience began the thaw. I just kept showing up and acted as an advocate for these incredible moms, handling life and child-raising on their own.  I began to see and appreciate the beauty, the warmth, the very natures of these women.  And I started to see myself as one of them. The more time I spent, the greater my passion grew.  It wasn’t them and me.  It was us.

So this weekend there were LOTS of women, talking, learning, and singing.  Oh, and hugging.  LOTS of hugging.

Hugging a sister is relating to her.  Carrying a burden with her. Vulnerability shared.

That’s a very woman thing to do. And I see that now as so uniquely beautiful.

And you should have heard the singing. Seriously.  Wow.


1 thought on “A gaggle of girls”

  1. Susan, it was such a blessing to come to know you even just so slightly this weekend!! I truly look forward to however our journey’s may be together as we seek to love the Lord and love one another. Thank you – immeasurably – for sharing encouragement with me. Blessings, Denise

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