Still more.

I was so sad when I heard, years ago, that WaterMark had disbanded.  Crushed.

My heart’s voice just resonated with WaterMark.  Spoke to me and gave me…something…every song.  Demanded response., which is my favorite thing about music.  The demand to respond.  The can’t help yourself smile or tears, or lifted hand.

And then Christy Nockels emerged.  Solo…  And now I love the way her music speaks to my heart.

WaterMark ended so Christy could begin.

Things in my life have ended.  Crushingly so quite often.  Hurt heart, hurt life.  Hurts.

But Now that I’m halfway through, or more, my perspective is bigger…wider.

I get that ends are before beginnings. I get that to get to the purest place, I must let my hands go of what I am holding onto so tightly.  I can’t reach without letting go.

Life comes through what looks like darkness. I trust that.  I’ve lived that.  I’ve seen better come from what was pain. I long for Willing.  More willing.  Still more.

So that when this…this existence…this experience…someday ends, the purest place awaits.

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