So too long

When our eyes met, 24 years melted away.

One long insufficient hug was clearly not enough.  More hugging and delighted laughter. Then across from each other, eating dinner but really far more talking, talking, listening, listening, listening.

I read a blog this morning,where the author was talking about what she knows for sure, one of which was how authenticity creates depth of relationship.

I wonder how many things I know for sure.  A few.

After meeting my friend last night, I am sure of these .

The Cross is utter mercy.

Distance is surmountable.

Years change some things and not others.  Thankfully.

Authenticity is everything. A bridge, the path, freedom.

Forgiveness changes us.

Who we are is foundational, and given as gifts to others.

Friendship is precious.

I would have known her anywhere.  That smile, those bright eyes.  Her articulate, compassionate heart.  How she loves. What she sees.

Seeing each other again after all these years?  Right on time.

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