I can describe anything.  Familiar with how I’m made and what I feel and think, there is almost nothing I can’t put words to.  Pretty awesome, actually.  I nearly always know how I feel, and am astonished when people I know can’t name their emotions or thoughts.  It doesn’t seem hard to me.  Just takes practice.

Now and again, though, my familiarity with myself is challenged. I get invited to a battle.

I started out today, entering my very day…just overwhelmed.  Under-equipped for the task.  My heart not right. Missing…something.  Weighted.

This day…this Day… just seem too high…too hard, too deep, too strong for me. Days like these aren’t often, but today is one.

Thinking it would dissipate, I waited it out.

Hours later, still waiting..

And waiting.

And waiting

At some point, I added an ingredient.


And now I’m fighting.

A simple action taken changes the current.

I just got in front and looked up.  That’s all.  Just pushed my way to the front so I could see His face.. Willing my heart to claim truth.

When I see You, I find strength to face the day.  Hosanna.  Worthy of Praise.

It’s a choice to believe that In all things, we know that we are more than conquerers. And its a choice to shift my gaze.

The weight hasn’t lifted.  Hours and hours later, I’m still weighted

But I’m looking elsewhere.

Straight on.

And I can see His face.

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