Reblogging again…The same lessons, different date…


Although I am deathly afraid of heights, I am not afraid of public speaking.  Get me close to the edge of a cliff or in a glass elevator, my legs shake, my heart beats faster, and I am noticeably uncomfortable.  Ask me, however,  to step up to a podium on a stage and share on a topic I’m passionate about, and I have zero fear.

I am not eloquent, but I am direct. As a younger woman, editing my speech wasn’t my strength, so I would have been described as frank…occasionally even rude.  I realize that isn’t pretty, but it’s the truth. The good news is, as I have grown, in age and in wisdom, I’ve learned to insert some grace as I speak.  And it is intentional, this change.  I work on this every day, because it’s something I truly want.

Graceful, direct communication takes practice!  For people like me…

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