If you could see what I see…

Maybe it’s the bringing in of fall. Maybe its the leaves beginning to die with a last burst of color. Or Maybe it’s a mama missing her baby girl.

But there are tears.  Today, yesterday, waking up with them, drifting off to sleep with them.

It’s true that I cry…I need to cry.  Crying validates me being alive.  A nod to my feelings, an acknowledgement of life here.

In the tears I wonder if she knows that she’s beautiful.

Every girl , young and old, has to face her own reflection. Does she twirl around, stare it down? What’s the mirror going to say?

Is that your best?, says the mirror to the mess

But Can she hear the whisper?  Has anybody told you that you’re beautiful? You might agree if you could see what I see.

Cuz everything about you is incredible.  You should have seen the smile on  the day I made you.

She is so beautiful.  She is so.  Beautiful.

Thank you Nichole Nordemann. My blurry tears were ignited because of your beautiful song.

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