At Church?

There is this man at church…a Physical Therapist, or”physical terrorist”, depending upon your perspective:-)

We agreed to meet after early service to talk for a bit.  He is an expert on helping people who need help.

I’m an expert at nothing.  Except me.

Before I knew it, there we were, down the hallway a little, and me without shoes on.

He had me walk so he could see, and that’s the part that gets to me.

That’s the part because with my shoes on, you don’t see my beyond belief  beautiful blue pedicured toes, but you also don’t see why walking is so hard for me and why I need this surgery.  And truthfully, I guess I want you to not know.  Not visually anyway.

I’m trying to have reasonable expectations.  In my head everything is quite reasonable.

But when I bared my toes off the church narthex…down the hall…with a physical therapist I’ve just met , I just want normal toes that go in lovely sandals.  I just want to slip into heels for a dinner date and descend down my stairs.  No drama

Those are not reasonable expectations. So what are?

Increased stability is reasonable.  Straight toes situated appropriately in shoes is reasonable.  Heel touching floor?  Reasonable indeed.

Floating gracefully down a staircase?  Uh…No.

Descending a staircase without tumbling down and landing in a heap?  Reasonable, and certainly a goal

Depending on God to secure the outcome?  Certainly not reasonable in so many minds and hearts.

But in mine, that’s my plan. That’s always been my plan.

2 thoughts on “At Church?”

  1. Suzy you make me proud! I am proud to be your brother in Christ… I am proud to be your friend… I am proud of our Daddy and His Son and the Holy Spirit that so richly dwells in you! Shalom!

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