BIG Mistakes

My sixth grade teacher at Groveland Elementary said something I have never forgotten.

He said

“If you are going to steal something, steal something big.  Don’t go to jail for something little.  Steal something big.”

My 11-year-old mind did not react like my parents did when I shared these words of wisdom at the dinner table that night.  My mom’s face was horrified; my dad’s about the same.  I remember a good bit of “discussion” on stealing, and it’s consequences…

But I think I get what he was saying.


Make an impact.


Be brave.

Risk what you have for what you dream of.

Take the shot.

Say what you think.  Out loud.  And then own it.

Live and love and make mistakes. Big mistakes if necessary

and loudly claim your life.

Absolutely no idea why that memory surfaced, but I’m paying attention.

Made an impact then, and making an impact now.

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