On the Bone

It’s there in the corner…the outer edges of me.


Motioning at me to come closer….closer

Let it climb on me…up my side, hitching up.


On me…

right at my shoulder.  On the bone.


I’ve felt this before, this invitation to self focus.  Self.  Pity.

I resist.  Every time I resist.

But, It says, you deserve to feel bad about this.  About whatever.  Anyone would feel sorry for themselves.  It’s ok.  Let it climb up there. Let it settle in.  Make itself at home. Take out how you feel on the ones around you, in your life. It’ll make you feel better.

No.  I won’t.  No.  IT won’t.

No to letting the chip feel comfortable on me.  No to the shoulder.  No to the climb.



Take me on the pathway that leads me home to You,

even through the lowlands.

Wet, murky, dim.  May be.

I choose to see Light.

In the heart.  On the bone.

Yes to the Light.





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