This won’t happen, although it makes me laugh to think about it.  It seems just…so…so efficient!!  Small needle, into my arm…happy coffee.  No fuss, no muss.

Partial list of favorite things:

  • Dark, strong, HOT coffee in any one of my Dunoon coffee cups.  Coffee snob, English bone china snob….it’s true:-)  No apologies.
    • I have been known to beg my friends traveling in London to scour shops in the hunt for a single missing landscape cup to add to my cupboard.
    • So…in my bag will be a china mug.  I am me, after all.

The countdown to surgery is on. A week and a half from now, I’ll have a an IV, a collection of incisions, a cast, non weight-bearing for 6 weeks and a long recovery to face.

I’m ready. Took me awhile to get here, but I’m here.

I’ve scheduled the time, planned time away from work and my life that I love, confirmed my decision to seek more healing, and am confident that this is the right thing for me.

Yet…I’m wiggly about whether I can do the recovery part.

Not the same woman I was at 41.  Different life circumstances, different motivators. Different body.

I no longer walk 12 miles a day.  Can’t believe I used to do that.  Oh…my…goodness…

A talk with my son was sweet.  Touching my heart, tears in my eyes sweet. Scared to admit that I was worried about getting through this and reclaiming my life, his response was utter confidence.  In me. And in the God I love. No way does he think I’m not up to the task.

So my body is older, and maybe not as “perfect” – oh dear – as it was. But I’m that same woman.  She’s in there, and is as determined as she ever has been.

It’s just so honoring to be known.  I love that this man who was my baby knows me so well that he can speak into me.  Encouragement, confidence, faith.

I know, I know, I know

that this experience will be one where I get to know God more.

Because I know that He is for me.  For me.  To write upon my heart His faithfulness, His constancy, His Power. So faithful and so true.

I know that He will never forsake me in my weaknesses.

I know that He is for me.  For my good and His glory.

To write upon my heart to remind me…Who You Are.





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