Back in the day, I taught childbirth classes, preparing new mommies and daddies for an amazing transition of life.

We talked through the mechanics, the choices, the fear, the excitement, the moment

And we talked about birth plans.  How they wanted it to go, the dreams they dreamed and ways they hoped to experience this…this.

The thing is,  birth plans almost never go as “planned”.

Unexpected outcomes are part of the process.  Part of the Plan.

It’s a great life lesson, a good thing to ponder and reconcile.

A maturity milestone, I believe, is faithful flexibility.

Despite disruption and unexpected outcomes, faith confronts confusion.  Faith intersects with reconciling.

Faith says ok…not my will but Thy Will.

Faith disrupts the “But…”

Faith looks at the intravenoused arm and magic-markered foot and yields to the Greater One, who sees with no confusion.

Faith accepts the unexpected with tears.

And with trust.


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