No Reserve

I am suddenly and without warning in a season of need.

Actually, how often is there a warning…an alarm…an alert or a heads up …

that the boat is about to capsize.

I’m about to take on water and its a long way to swim to shore.

My season isn’t life.

Nor death.

Rather,  inconvenience. Just simple inconvenience.

So I’ve been thinking about provision, about resources…about need meeting provision.

I am clearly a limited resource, and so are you.

I’ve got, in the human realm, finite resources. There is so much to go around, and that, as they say, is that.

So I have this tendency to see from that perspective, with limits at the edges.  Limits at my edges.

But God.

Unlimited describes God.

When His provision intersects with our need, whatever it is, it never empties the coffers.

He is never depleted.  Never limited.

His provision for you and His for me has zero impact on His resources.







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