I didn’t come up with this, so I must have heard it somewhere and adopted it…

Regardless, it has become my personal thing…mantra…saying…thought said out loud.

The posture of battle is praise.

It’s what I hope my children tell their future children.  Grandma lived her life this way. She knew a secret.  The way to deal with anguish, worry or failure…Praise God.

Praise.  God.

Before the battle, position yourself in the posture of praise. Knees to ground.  Hands up. Deep, full breaths.

A posture of gratitude and trust.  An acknowledgement of God is God, and I am not Him.

Receiving.  Then reflecting from the overflow.

Praise as response, praise as precursor.

Praise over, under, through.

From Your hand.

Through mine.white-heart-on-dooe.jpg



Smooth Surface

clear lakeSmooth is easiest, of course.

The glassy surface.  No wind. Clear. Beautiful and predictable.

But there will be no sailing on that water.

Best to stay on shore.  Watch from the edge. Let the worries keep me here.

It’s just not enough for me.  It never has been.  I want to move from where I stand.

A hunger not satisfied in my own efforts.

It’s a question He asks. Will you leave the shallow edge. Will I?

I long for deeper. Ruffled , troubled waters.  Wind.  Full sails.

In the yielding is the radical.

To follow as He beckons. To see what He sees. To know Him.

To listen.