Nonetheless. Joy.

I met this young woman, a college student then.  A wife and mother now.

Back then, my littles were little, and occasionally needed a babysitter. And so this lovely person drifted into our lives, faithfully watching them if we were out.

And they loved her. She had huge hair, wild and free.  And sparkling eyes.

So it isn’t surprising to me that she is loved so remarkably today…in Conway, Arkansas , no less, and in hearts no matter where.

She’s Pink, but not because she wants to be. Breast cancer never issues an invitation with an RSVP. It comes uninvited, swift and scary. It offers fear and worry…yours to take.

I still know her, although not in person.

I know her because faith friends are always faith friends.  And I know her because her blog is her story. And because her story is joy. Beautiful joy.

Imagine joy in breast cancer. Breast cancer defeated, then returns. Still joy.  Deep joy, unwavering joy.

Maybe you want to know her too.

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