I’ve thought for years about the contributions one person makes in the world.

In a world crazy with fear and hate, how does one woman change anything? I wonder sometimes how I even impact those around me, let alone the world. And even in my own life, what do I do to make significant changes?

Last night was the last evening of our Christmas concerts at church.  And every year I get a bit more of the answers I long for.

I sing in the choir. And so do 40 others.

40 singers.  40 individual voices. 40 people contributing individual talent. And possibly 40 people thinking their contribution is small…nothing.

But this amazing sound is created.

Music. Soaring, beautiful, heartbreaking music.

The goal is to be so united and joined that you cannot distinguish one voice from another. To create one sound.

I can hardly wait, because when it happens, it’s so profound that my heart is surging and my soul is worshipping. Indescribable joy.

And I get it. That’s it.  That’s how the world is changed and I am changed. My voice joined with 39 others.

One voice heard by one heart, one soul…

At a time.




1 thought on “One.”

  1. I enjoy reading the things you write. God has given you a gift. And we never know how our lives have been used by God till many years later. I think heaven will be an amazing time as we see so many our lives have touched.

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