What’s in a number?

Age, date on a calendar, goals, bank balance, worries, address.  So easy to focus on the number.  So tempting to judge ourselves and others by their numbers.

How many children.  How many husbands.  What zip code do you live in?  How much money do you have?

Numbers just naturally lead to measuring.  And measuring.  What does that lead to?

It can lead to self-evaluation, if we can constrain our natural inclinations.  But our natural inclination is to judge…others.  By their numbers.

How quick we are to self-appoint as Judge. We glance and evaluate.  Glance.  A quick, evaluating glance.

Shes so wealthy. Can’t possibly be a wonderful person.  It’s all about the money.

She’s been married three times. Must be something wrong with her.

All those children?  Must be crazy.

She’s that old?  No more to offer.

For me, glance evaluations are far more about me than anyone else.  My evaluations are comparing and contrasting what I have, measured against what the other person’s numbers are.

The deep root is envy…jealousy…discontent.  And beside it is pride…wanting to be better than those I evaluate.

Long, hard, lingering look in the mirror.  Ouch.  Ewww.  Ick.

On my knees.  Back there.  Again.

Rest, Rescued.  Free.