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Everything is changing, and I don’t know who to see about that.

The ground is shaking . Because That’s what happens when someone is sick.

And she is really, really sick.

She’s the sister I’ve loved the longest. She already WAS when I was born.  She leaned over to look at me and softly said “My sissy”.

My sissy indeed.  Knit together and friends.  Forever friends. Forever sisters.

Forever sisters walks alongside her as she walks into the dark of cancer. Sisters surround, pull together, gather up and tuck each other close. Safety in huddling. Safety in four sister’s love.


Can we hug enough to make this go away? Can the love we share chase this cancer back into the dark?

We aren’t the girls we used to be…but we are the girls we are today.

Years and years of secrets and whispering, giggling and hand-holding and defending is now the strength that buoys us.

On phone calls and tears and prayers and hand written notes. And cozy gifts to keep her warm and safe.

The pain of being unsure. Uncertain. Scared. Wanting so much not to be scared, but still . Scared

We.  Can’t. Do. this.

She. can. do. this.

She is doing this.

We follow her.