The Belly

The Director of Women’s Ministry at my church reached out to me this week.  She wanted to know if I would consider teaching on a passage in Ephesians for an upcoming Women’s Breakfast. I prayed about it, deciding after considering it that I would decline.

In the considering and praying, God decided to reveal to me some insight into how I see things, and how I posture myself to others.

That’s so God…to not waste a moment.  There’s always learning, revealing, love.

I am a divorced woman.  If that weren’t enough, I also deal with a physical disability.  And other icky stuff, too.  These things DO describe me! But not entirely.

Visible underbelly. Unclothed.

Tender, exposed flesh. Utterly vulnerable. Fragile.

Those words describe how it feels to be…exposed.  Like you just want to grab a bathrobe and wrap yourself up in it.  And hide.

I think that women know exactly how that feels. It may be that your husband or child is an addict, you are dealing with financial crisis or you are embarrassed about something…your home?  Your weight?.  We think that those things define us.  Failure to measure up.

A gazillion different ways to feel exposed…ashamed…embarrassed…

And constant opportunities to look in the mirror at the woman looking back at you.

How does she measure up? She doesn’t..  She never will.  Not on her own.

On my own, I am victimized by those thoughts, that silent verbal barrage I launch at myself.

But Ephesians 6-10-13 tells me that I have protection offered to me; a robe of comfort. And I don’t have to hide.  He offers me clothes to wear, a covering to protect my heart from wounds that kill and tools to carry into my world.  All and from His Word.

Love comes down and rescues us.  Love comes down, and I am reminded that I am Yours.  Forever yours.