I didn’t come up with this, so I must have heard it somewhere and adopted it…

Regardless, it has become my personal thing…mantra…saying…thought said out loud.

The posture of battle is praise.

It’s what I hope my children tell their future children.  Grandma lived her life this way. She knew a secret.  The way to deal with anguish, worry or failure…Praise God.

Praise.  God.

Before the battle, position yourself in the posture of praise. Knees to ground.  Hands up. Deep, full breaths.

A posture of gratitude and trust.  An acknowledgement of God is God, and I am not Him.

Receiving.  Then reflecting from the overflow.

Praise as response, praise as precursor.

Praise over, under, through.

From Your hand.

Through mine.white-heart-on-dooe.jpg



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